There are so many different types of writing jobs: copywriting, articles, blogs, How-To guides, e-books, white papers, brochures, infographics, sales letters, professional correspondence, ghostwriting, and web content to name just a few. Almost every client has different goals and I do my best to adapt to their requirements. Here is a smattering of projects I have worked on.

I do my best to maintain this page, but due to the fluid nature of the web, some of these links may be outdated. If you’d like to see more samples, feel free to contact me.

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Press Releases

When creating a press release, it’s important to establish the “who what where why” as quickly as possible. Below are a few examples:

Alpha Nodus Brings Gravity IoT Platform to Lighting, HVAC Industry

GymGroups Announces Growth Numbers

Don’t Want That Perfume? Trade It on Dotfully! World’s First Social Beauty Marketplace Launches

CIT Partners with TaxWise,  Expanding Offerings to Tax Professionals

New Animation Puzzle Game AZZL from Jutiful Delivers Maximum “Smiles Per Minute” for Users Who Love the Beautiful & Extraordinary

End Of Summer, Shorter Days, Grilling In The Dark And The Grilluminator


A LinkedIn summary is an essential part of your profile. You need to grab recruiters in the very first sentence, so they know exactly who you are and what you are all about. Some professionals have difficulty articulating their many tasks into a good “sound bite.” Below are a few of the people I have helped make their summaries stand out:


A biography can be written in many different styles – the important thing is to reflect the needs of the client. Here are a few examples of bios or “about us” pages that I have had a hand in creating.

About EZPhone


I was a regular contributor to, a humorous list-based site with more than half a million visitors per month. Here are some of my most popular articles:

8 People Who Caused Catastrophes for the Dumbest Reasons

10 Weird Health Problems

8 Mysterious Dead Bodies

Monthly contributor to InfoSec Institute (2016 – 2019)

Phishing articles for InfoSec Institute

Spotio blog (ghostwritten)

You WILL Be a Failure at Sales (Unless You Have This ONE Thing…)

Los Angeles Neighborhood Guides (ghostwritten)

Articles for Orca Health Care on showers:

Lifetime Shower for today and tomorrow


Web 101 Part 1 : How to Make Pages Load Faster

 Web 101 Part 3: Going Mobile 

 Web 101 Part 4: Out With the Old, In With the New 

 Web 101 Part 5: Be Seen! 

Web 101 Part 2: Content is King

Marketing is King. ALL HAIL THE KING!

Save your new product!

Website Content

Experience Striketec–  payment processing app for small businesses

Tandem skydiving page for – #1 most trusted website on skydiving.

Charity Valet – service to help organizations run charity events

Amuni Financial Advisory vs. Brokerage account

Travalet – Luxury travel service

Surety Home Care

DFW Tree Services


AB Floors & Restoration


Montana Capital


Misc. Writing

AcmeCorp Financial Crimes brochure

How to Make an Indie Film for $5000 – an article I did for Indiewire on my first feature, The Great Intervention.

Brochure for Gigamon: Top 3 Reasons You Need a Visibility Platform See What Matters eBook_v2_06.02.17

Marketing campaign for Empyr comic strip

Keynote Speech: Avani Desai